Long Beach Naval Station Invaded By The Chinese.

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This is not getting any attention with Lame Stream Media.


The situation at Pier J in Long Beach, California is so disturbing and egregious that if we cannot get our government to address this security breach, then we cannot expect serious solutions on much of anything. So we have made Pier J a showcase for improving our nation’s border security.

• The Chinese Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) presents itself as just a business. But it has only one shareholder – the communist government of the People’s Republic of China. We saw at Tienneman Square that in communist China, everyone must do what the government commands, or else.
• COSCO is the world’s fourth largest shipping company, with 600 ships. However, it is actually under the control of the Chinese Communist government. COSCO is officially under the Chinese Ministry of Communications, under the State Counsel, which is led by Communist Party Politburo member and Premier, Li Peng. U.S. intelligence authorities report, however, that COSCO is actually controlled secretly by and is an arm of China’s People’s Liberation Army.
• If a surprise attack were ever used to open a war, COSCO’s ships could carry weapons, even military helicopters and jets, and even nuclear bombs. Artillery unpacked from a COSCO ship could fire nuclear bombs into the city of Los Angeles from Pier J. Nuclear warheads can be delivered as a large artillery shell. Jets smuggled in on Chinese ships could also reach San Diego’s major naval base.

• Pier J is essentially a 147 acre naval base on U.S. soil controlled by a subsidiary of China’s military, led by Captain Wei Jiafu. Both Ron Wilcox and I have conducted investigations on site at Pier J over the last few years. COSCO has stacked up a line of shipping containers 2 and 3 layers high, all along the highway, blocking the view of what they are doing in there. In other places, high fences hide China’s activities inside Pier J.

• “COSCO has a very long and troubling record of shipping both weapons and components of mass destruction around the world,” said California Congressman Duncan Hunter, adding: “[T]hey carry the cargo of the Chinese military upon command and without question. We do not need to increase their access to American soil.”

• COSCO was also caught transporting 2,000 AK-47 fully-automatic assault rifles destined for Los Angeles Chinese street gangs. The Empress Phoenix, a COSCO ship, was boarded by U.S. Customs agents. The guns were manufactured by China’s Poly Technologies. That means the plan had the Chinese government’s full approval, according to liberal Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, in a 2001 press release (then a Congressman).

• Also, we will be reviewing the lease between COSCO and the Port of Long Beach. Even though the lease runs until 2022, you know that if you lease a house or apartment, and you smuggle 2,000 AK-47’s through the place, your landlord would have grounds to cancel the lease. We will be sending petitions directly to the Board members of the Port of Long Beach and to its security chief pointing out any violation of the terms of the lease. We will urge Long Beach to cancel the lease with COSCO, and allow SSA Marine to take over exclusive operation of Pier J.

Want to know more?  You should… Click here and here and here.  The last two are kind of out of date but point to the long standing desire of the Chinese to have this port.

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