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Ranching Standoff

We at the Jolly Landsknecht have been following the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) occupation with a great deal of interest.  This blog is not going to punch the tar baby of the nobility of the cause or the legality of the occupation but rather look at one facet of the incident in a critical light.


Occupying facilities, government or private, is deep rooted in American history.  In the 1700s we were given the Boston Tea Party where members of the Sons of Liberty occupied the tea ships Eleanor, Beaver and Dartmouth and subsequently destroyed their contents.  In the early 20th century the American labor movement conducted “sit-ins” to protect what they perceived as unfair labor practices.  The Civil Rights era was partially defined by lunch counter sit-ins and the famous Rosa Parks protest.

The Vietnam War and its opposition generated many incidents of civil disobedience often involving the occupation…

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I know I have…

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Battlespace prep.

Still chuckling about that “clear and present danger” comment by the DOJ’s chief of national security in yesterday’s Reuters piece?

The FUSA is not at peace.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.

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Yer ol’ Woodpile Report:

In the hard times ahead, which will we regret more, becoming the people we’re accused of being, or not becoming the people we’re accused of being?

Many who feel the undeserved weight of their outlaw standing have decided to be what they’re accused of, quietly, unnoticed and uncountable for having remaining embedded in the everyday, pleasant and unassuming people, but capable and accomplished. Some believe governing elites who behave as if they are above the law have thereby placed themselves outside the protection of the law. Their ideas about rehabilitating said elitists are commonly novel and decisive, conceptually bound to the notion of restoring the republic.

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This entire debacle should be infinitely instructional for those with eyes to see and ears to hear… IMHO; protesting, voting, etc. are a time waster, a worthless endeavor because the fix is in. What happened here is just the beginning of the move from quasi socialism to fascism.

Someone like Trump comes along and you can just about see the hope dripping off of him. People are crawling over each other to touch the hem of his robe. I am not fooled into believing he or anyone else [especially not Rubio or (Goldman Sachs)Cruz] will change things. They will just prolong the demise of this once great nation by perhaps a few years. The two party system of control was pure genius. Give them the illusion of choice and they clutch hope to their breasts like a baby with a teddy bear. Affectively neutering any action to strike the bell of liberty and freedom.

What they do is prolong the inevitable. They give people false hope with empty rhetoric that they have no plans to follow-up on… This kind of hope is counterfeit. DHS is a para-military arm of the White House, TSA- a joke, BATFE- incompetent and untrustworthy, NSA- spying on the US, The CIA is pretty clearly a tool for global destabilization. And I’m sure there are acronyms we’ve never heard of that do not have our best interests at heart. We have lost our Republic and now should be focused on taking our country back and forging a new republic.

Anyone who still believes that voting will save us, is either a idiot or the enemy.

It is a Ruse. Similar to Kissinger in the early 70s with the Vietnamese. He engineered their re-supply and troop buildups by holding peace talks that no one expected to go anywhere, allowing the VC the opportunity to come back and kill our guys. A ruse.

Political maneuvering with a goal of keep you and yours from doing what must be done. A false assurance of relief and security. They all lie and they all have the same goal. It has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the one percent. The so called elite.

If you watch carefully, you can tell by Lavoy’s body language, that he wasn’t “going for” anything. He was trying to draw fire away from the vehicle and his foster daughter. Not to mention the other woman and men. To me, it is pretty clear that he was shouting “shoot me… shoot me!” and waving and pointing at himself. This man was all cowboy. If he had a shoulder rig, it was a six gun not a 9mm.




I am saddened by the passing of Lavoy Finicum.   He operationally defined

Courage…   Bravery…   Honor.

Screen Shot 01-27-16 at 09.10 AM

Thank you for your determination

We will pick up the torch of Liberty and Freedom to carry it on…

Rest in peace Patriot, Father, Leader.




heard about a DHS presence too. This looks ominous.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


From over the transom:

SIZE: 200+ Fed vehicles, 400-500 agents/LEOs, mostly tac guys

ACTIVITIES: Shadowing militia throughout town. Hotels filling up with FBI, State Troopers, etc. Sheriff’s dept fully locked down and barricaded.

LOCATION: Burns airport. Most hotels. Sheriff’s department.

UNITS: FBI tac teams, State Troopers, and SDs from around state

TIME: No demands have been made by FBI to vacate facility. Bundy will not vacate until his demands are met.

EQUIPMENT: Multiple large army tents at airport. Approximately 1 dozen light towers, half dozen portable outhouses. Minimum 1 drone. Multiple comms trucks, satellite and antenna. 1 medical response van.

ADDITIONAL: State Police are pulling any vehicle over, including citizens, for absolutely any small violation. Was not case previously to this weekend.

Sender identified as reliable. Info received w/i last 60 mins.

Open thread; keep speculation and shit-talking to minimum. Pull any info from any reliable sources.


2130EST 22JAN2016:…

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